Our Family Worker at Central is Anita Jones.

As Family* Worker at Central I have run a variety of courses and events including:
Help Your Child to Succeed,
The Marriage course,
Teddy Bears Picnics,
Messy Play Days,
Family Fun Days
I also organise J.U.M.P (mums & tots) as well as help with the Holiday club and Girls' & Boys' Brigade,

Anita Jones

oin Us Mums and Pre-schoolers, a Mums and Toddlers group which meets every Tuesday Morning during term time from 10:00 - 11:30am. 
Messy Play Days - Craft and painting time for children. 1 to 12 yr olds, these are great fun and I think the mums and dads enjoy them just as much. So far we have had one about every 6 months, keep watching the Events page for news of the next one! 
The Marriage Course is for any married couple or any couple contemplating marriage. It's a series of evenings, having a meal together and help to enrich and enhance your relationship. We have run this course 2 or 3 times now, keep watching the Events page for news of the next one!
The course is based on material from the Alpha Course organisation

'Help your Child to Succeed' It's a course which makes use of the best selling book, how to help you children and family using the 3 P's of parenthood, details of courses on the Events page!
*our definition of family - any household that contains one or more child under 18