Company Nights.
The Company meet during term time on a Monday evening,
Explorers, (5-8yrs) 6:30 - 7:45
Juniors, (8-11yrs) 6:45 - 8:30
Seniors, (11-14yrs) 7:00 - 9:00
Brigaders, (14-18yrs) 7:15 - 9:15
Company nights are spent doing a variety of activities, these vary from Team games to Cookery, Art and Crafts to Bible Study/Devotions.

These all form part of an activity programme, where the girls aim to achieve a set standard in different tasks, intended to be both challenging and interesting, so as to attain badges, all based around 4 themes.

S - Spiritual

P - Physical

E - Educational

S - Service

The word 'SPES' that these letters spell out, is the Latin word for Hope. Which when the scheme was set up at the beginning of the last century, it was said then that each girl in Brigade was a Hope for the future. Just as Jesus is The one true hope.

Like anything, these can be as fun and enjoyable as you all make them, and we like to have fun whilst at the same time learning.

The 1st Luton Company was originally formed in March 1925 at Union Church, Castle Street, Luton, following the desire of the minister and his wife for a Christian Club for Girls in the town. Initially there were 8 girls, but this quickly grew. As the years passed other Companies were formed and the Officers of the 1st Luton were also responsible for the Company in the village of Caddington until 1952 and the Alexandra Hospital Company until it's closure in 1958.

2nd Luton was formed later in the 1920's and based at Park Street Baptist Church, Luton, the 8th Luton Company was founded in the early 1930's at Ceylon Baptist Church, Wellington Street, Luton.

In 1975 the 3 Churches joined together to form Central Baptist Church, which meant that the 3 Girls' Brigade companies were amalgamated into one, and it was decided to keep the title 1st Luton.

Queen's Award.
A number of the Officers and Leaders gained their Queen's Award whilst Girls in the Company and now, in the past few years they have been able to encourage a number of the Girls to achieve theirs.
This is an extra award that the girls can opt to work for and requires alot of hard work and commitment.
Girls who have achieved their Queen's Award are:
1987   Sharon Fry
    Janice Lee
    Melanie Quinn
1999   Lynn Booth
    Ruth Chalkley
2000   Naomi Chalkley
2010   Chloe Nolan
    Dawn Adams
2011   Louise Garbett
    Nicola Thomas
    Hannah Wright