We believe:

  • There is one God who reveals himself in three ways. Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • This God formed the earth and became a man in Jesus.

  • Jesus died for our sins on the cross nearly 2000 years ago and was raised to life 3 days later.

  • After He went to heaven Jesus sent a helper, the Holy Spirit who helps and guides us today.

  • At the end of time God will judge the earth and all the peoples that have ever lived on it.

  • In the authority of the Bible and its relevance in today's world.

  • Our Mission:

  • To communicate the gospel to all, welcome all and build up Christians in the faith.
  • To serve and witness in the neighbourhood closest to our church premises.
  • To be a Christian presence in the town centre.
  • To witness to all we come into contact with across Luton and beyond.
  • Our Commitment:

    We call on each other to take a full part in fulfilling our mission. We recognise that prayer must be fundamental to all we do, because it is the Lord who calls, guides and builds his church.
    A service was held in January 1975 which officially marked the beginning of Luton Central Baptist Church. The three town centre Baptist Churches had voted overwhelmingly to amalgamate and form one fellowship. The three were, Park Street Baptist (the oldest of the three, originally registered as 'Baptist Meeting House' in 1815), Union Chapel, Castle Street (which was founded in 1836 by members of Park Street and was originally a Union Church, but later became Baptist) and Ceylon Baptist in Wellington Street (this Church was formed by people from both Park Street and Castle Street in 1846)
    The building in Park Street was demolished so that a new building could be erected to suit the needs of the new Church fellowship. With services being shared between Wellington Street (morning) and Castle Street (evening) a building fund was set up, and approx 500,000 would eventually have to be raised. A great deal of hard work was put in by many people to raise money, mainly by direct giving through covenants and donations, although sales of work and coffee mornings were also held. The land in Park Street was even used as a car park to help raise money. The other two premises were later sold, Wellington Street is now a suite of offices known as 'the Spires' whilst Castle Street is now Housing Association flats.
    The money was being raised, planning permission was granted and work began in October 1985. The new building was completed and a service was held to officially open it on 25th October 1986 and the new organ was installed towards the end of 1987.
    The three Churches had over the years established branch Churches in the villages of Woodside, Slip End and Pepperstock. Having dwindled in size, they joined together to form Slip End Baptist in the mid 1990's and a few years later became independent from Central, changing their name to New Life Christian Fellowship. Sadly, it has since closed, holding it's last service in Jan 2006. The branch Church in the village of Caddington is now independent (1986), but the Perry Green Church in the village of Peters Green, is still run as a branch Church and members from Central play a big part in its work, alongside the people from the village and surrounding area.
    Central Baptist Ministers to date:
    1975-1979   Rev David Rudall (Co-minister 1977-1979)
    1977-1988   Rev Robert Simpson (Co-minister 1977-1987)
    1981-1987   Rev Keith King (Co-minister)
    1991-2002   Rev Kenneth Reynard (Senior Minister 1993-1997)
    1993-1997   Rev James Fotheringham (went to run the branch Church in Slip End)
    2002-2012     Rev G Michael Thomas
    2014-      Rev Andrew Gale
    Historical information has been gleaned from 'More than Bricks and Mortar' The story of Central Baptist Church, Luton (1974-1993) by Edgar Young.